About Me

Hi, I’m Chantelle

I’m a graduate student at the University of Michigan, studying the intersection of business and the environment. My interest in sustainability started a long time ago (and was possibly catalyzed by a school field trip to watch An Inconvenient Truth in the 9th grade). I was involved in environmental organizations throughout high school and college, and wrote my undergraduate thesis on the possibility of using ocean-generated renewable energy to sustainably desalinate seawater. But, until now, when it came to my personal sustainability, I hadn’t extended much farther than being an ardent recycler and bringing my own grocery bags.

Since I want to pursue a career in corporate sustainability, I wanted to put my money where my mouth is by learning how to incorporate the tenets of environmentalism into my life. I figured that my move to Ann Arbor to start school was a great time for me to officially launch my journey towards living a zero-waste lifestyle, and wanted to document and share my experiences here.

In researching how to go zero waste, I oftentimes felt excluded by bloggers or organizations who seemed to have endless hours to devote to meal-prepping, planting trees, and creating DIY cleaning products. That’s great but, as a grad student, I operate on a minimal (and at times non-existent) budget of expendable money and time.

I firmly believe that anyone who so pleases can work towards minimizing their negative environmental impact, no matter how time-pressed or cash-strapped. I know that this journey won’t be completed overnight (or in a year, or maybe even ever!), but my plan is to take quick, easy, incremental steps that, over the course of time, will transform my lifestyle.

Doing good doesn’t mean doing the most.