Don’t hate, eliminate!

Every few months I take stock of my wardrobe and try to eliminate a few pieces I don’t wear/are too old to be functional/don’t & will never fit/are horrifically out of style, etc. And, as much as it pains me each time to rid myself of some of the items I’ve been clinging too, I never, ever think about them once they’re out of my home. The ghosts of dresses past don’t haunt me, which is good confirmation that they didn’t hold a particularly sacred place in my life in the first place. 

This is my most recent sack of donation-bound items. It contained a few tops, a pair of pants, some sandals, and a swimsuit. I’d brought all these pieces with me to Houston, where I lived for 3 months during my summer internship. When unpacking after returning home up north, I realized that I went the entire summer without touching them. So, why was I lugging them around the country if they aren’t doing me any good? 

It can be tough to let go of old things. But it feels SO good to have more space and time to take better care and get more use of the things you love. And, one final PSA, the less you bring into your home in the first place, the less you’ll have to force yourself to dispose of later. 

Part 2 of this post is about alternatives to donating. Some of my stuff is way past the point of wearability or fixability. I know these items won’t actually be used by the Salvation Army or donation center when I drop it off. But I’m really unsure of what the better options are. 

I’ve heard that companies like H&M will take bags of old textiles, so they can reuse them to make apparel. Is this true, or just a myth? Does anyone have any other alternatives to donating unusable apparel?

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