Self Sustainability

I’ve been using the down time I’ve had before classes start to get a little crafty. I grabbed some old containers, beeswax, and olive, coconut and grapefruit essential oils, and whipped up this luscious salve that smells delish and will keep my hands and lips moisturized all winter!

Homemade products like this bring me joy. I reuse containers (and avoid buying additional packaging), buy most of the ingredients in bulk quantities or package free, and have a great time making them! I don’t mind putting in the 30-ish minutes, because I genuinely enjoy both the process and end product. Plus, I get added value from avoiding the hassle of doing tons of research into refillable lotions that aren’t extravagantly priced.

However, not everyone is as keen as I am on DIY projects like this. I DO NOT want anyone to feel like going zero waste requires all sorts of time-intensive home projects if you want to do it right. I think what’s far more important to tackle is reducing the amount of stuff (products, gadgets, apparel, junk) in your life, and making an effort to buy only what you need in the quantities that you truly require, avoid un-recycleable plastic packaging (and opt for refillable/reusable when possible), and use only as much as you need.

I certainly don’t have the time or interest to do things like make my own pasta, or create a vermicomposting unit in my apartment – so I find alternatives that work for my lifestyle, like buying pasta from bulk bins and taking compost to nearby composting facilities. Creating a way of life that’s sustainable for you as an individual is the only way you’ll make consistent, long-term change.

But, if you happen to have the time and inclination to try replacing some of your staple packaged products with homemade, low-waste alternatives, so much the better 🙂

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